Mat Collishaw is a key figure in the group of British artists who emerged from Goldsmiths’ College in the late 1980s. He participated in Freeze (1988) and since his first solo exhibition in 1990 has exhibited widely both in the UK and internationally.

Act IV has been working with Mat to produce his touring exhibition, Thresholds. Opening at Somerset House in May 2016 as part of Photo London, Thresholds uses the latest in virtual reality technology to restage some of the earliest photography exhibited. The show recreates in dazzling digital form when British scientist William Henry Fox Talbot first presented his photographic prints to the public at King Edward’s School Birmingham in 1839. Thresholds is a fully immersive portal to the past where people can walk freely throughout a digitally reconstructed room and touch the bespoke vitrines, fixtures and mouldings.

Act IV has overseen every element of the exhibition, including technical production, logistics and venue liaison. We have worked closely with Mat to make sure his vision has been realised in an efficient and resourceful way. Since its opening, Thresholds has travelled from London to Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery and has plans to go to Istanbul.


VR GRAB 18 copy

Mat Collishaw’s 'Thresholds' at Somerset House. 17.5.17

Richard Eaton Photography